Shaping the Future of Quotations: How Tech-Driven Efficiency is Revolutionizing Sales

Discover how Quark Cyber Systems' tech-driven solutions transformed Location Solutions' quotation process, cutting down quote times, reducing errors, and unleashing a new era of sales efficiency.

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In an era where efficient processes can make or break a business, the importance of a streamlined quotation process cannot be overstated. Dubai-based Location Solutions, a leading telematics service provider in the Gulf region, recognized this imperative and sought to overhaul its complex and time-consuming quotation system. This case study explores how a collaboration with Quark Cyber Systems led to a remarkable transformation in Location Solutions' quoting process, creating a ripple effect of improvements across the organization. By harnessing technology to reduce errors and cut down quote time, this tech-driven leap revolutionized Location Solutions' sales potential and carved a path for enhanced business analytics.

The Challenge

Every product offered by Location Solutions comprises various smaller items, requiring an in-depth technical knowledge to assemble an accurate quote. This complexity meant the quote generation was not only laborious but also susceptible to errors. The challenge was to devise an efficient, error-free quotation system that would not necessitate extensive technical knowledge from the sales team.

The QCS Solution

Utilizing the versatile Frappe Framework and building upon the robust ERPNext platform, QCS developed a customized solution tailored to meet the needs of Location Solutions. They introduced a 'Product Bundle' feature, designed to capture product combination information, verify compatibility, and establish bundle cost. Subscription-based orders were also incorporated, with additional tools like workflow and notifications set up to streamline the quoting process.

The Impact

This ERP implementation brought forth several benefits:

Reduced Technical Knowledge Requirement: The Product Bundle feature relieved the sales team from understanding minute technical details, enabling them to focus more on sales generation.

Efficient Quoting Process: The revamped system significantly cut down the time 'from customer inquiry to quote provision', empowering the sales team to negotiate confidently without unnecessary management involvement.

Enhanced Data Organization and Analytics: The suite of tools including Product Bundle, workflows, and notifications helped organize the Quoting process. Custom reports, built on this organized data, offered powerful analytics for informed decision making.

Key Metrics

The average quote time was slashed from 4 hours to just 30 minutes, and quotation errors saw a remarkable 99% reduction.


The collaboration between Location Solutions and Quark Cyber Systems demonstrates the power of a customized ERP solution in transforming business processes. By enhancing efficiency and reducing errors, they have set a benchmark for other companies seeking to optimize their operations in this digital age.

This case study exemplifies how integrating technology like Frappe Framework and ERPNext can create high-performance solutions for businesses, irrespective of the complexities they are dealing with.


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