Hanayen's Digital Leap: ERPNext Implementation by QCS

QCS transformed Hanayen Group's retail & manufacturing operations with ERPNext, boosting efficiency, stock management, & profit margins.

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In 2022, Dubai-based leading garment retail and manufacturing company, Hanayen Group of Companies, identified the need for a robust digital transformation strategy. The group sought the expertise of QCS, a renowned digital transformation consultancy specializing in open source software solutions. Recognizing the potential of cloud technology to refine their business operations, Hanayen desired a comprehensive, cloud-based platform capable of managing their comprehensive needs, ranging from retail sales and manufacturing management to inventory tracking, HR administration, POS integration, and more, across their outlets in UAE and Oman.


Hanayen Group of Companies faced numerous operational challenges in efficiently managing their retail and manufacturing sectors. The company's existing framework comprised numerous business modules, such as manufacturing, POS, accounts, sales, purchase, stock, and HR. Despite a robust workforce of 191 employees, the absence of an integrated system hindered efficiency, leading to delays, errors, and inefficiencies. The company required a holistic digital solution to optimize operations and improve profit margins.


As experts in providing customized open source software solutions, QCS conducted a detailed analysis of Hanayen's business process. The digital transformation plan entailed implementing ERPNext, an advanced business management software designed to streamline manufacturing and ordering processes by digitizing production. This cloud-based ERP system, which forms the backbone of their operational transformation, enables data collection, management, interpretation, process enforcement, control mechanisms, and automation, all from a unified platform.

The ERPNext software empowered the company to manage a variety of items, from raw materials and sub-assemblies to finished goods, item variants, and service items. This allowed the design team to expedite approval from upper management, thereby streamlining the production of desired quantities of a particular product.

Solution Benefits:

The implementation of ERPNext brought a multitude of operational benefits to Hanayen Group of Companies:

Improved Stock Management: Enhanced tracking and management led to reduced inventory costs and better cash flow.

Increased Operational Visibility: The software enabled superior tracking of manufacturing processes, raw material usage, and resource allocation, boosting efficiency.

Enhanced Order Fulfilment: The software provided management with greater control over order fulfilment, enhancing customer satisfaction.

Effective Order Tracking: Improved order tracking led to fewer errors and delays.

Comprehensive Data Collection: Increased data collection facilitated better cost control and efficiency.

Finance Module Configuration: The software was configured to comply with tax regulations.

Sales Team Empowerment: The software allowed the sales team to control profit margins effectively, improving profitability.

Insightful Business Overview: Live, customizable reports provided a comprehensive view of business operations, enabling accurate decision-making.


The digital transformation journey of Hanayen Group, facilitated by QCS's open source ERPNext software, demonstrates the power of technology in streamlining business operations. The benefits reaped include improved stock management, enhanced order fulfillment, order tracking, profit margin control, and a comprehensive business overview. By improving efficiency and refining processes, Hanayen is poised for continued success in the competitive garment industry.


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